Subsea Connectors
Dry-mate | Wet-mate | Penetrators
Dome End Cap
Custom sizes | Acrylic | Polycarbonate
Underwater Modems | DVL | Underwater GPS

Aquaculture Sensos
Blue Robotics | BlueROV2
- Open-source Electronics Software

- Goto ROV for Research, and Adventuring

Now available in,
- 6 Thruster Vectored Configuration
- 8 Thruster Vectored Configuration
Tether Cable Spool
Configurable Colours
- Black
- Gold
- Silver
- Red
- Blue

Configurable Lengths
- 50m to 450m
Cerulean Sonar
- Forward Looking Sonar
- USBL Development Kit
- Echo-sounders
Chasing | M2 Pro ROV
- Light Industrial-Grade ROV

- Goto ROV for Inspection, and Adventuring


We are are into Marine Robotics developing custom marine solutions with specialization in UUVs, ROVs, ASVs, AUVs, Manipulators, and equipment!
With about 6+ years of experience in Marine Robotics, you can rely on us with your problems in the field of Marine Robotics.

3D Printing
Laser Cutting

STEM Education

150 hours of hands on experience
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